A Parents’ Guide To Kids Oral Health

A Parents' Guide To Kids Oral HealthParenting is not an easy job. While kids may not come with an instruction manual, everyone seems to have advice. However, when it comes to your children’s oral health, your dentist is a great resource. Having a healthy smile as a child creates a strong foundation for having a healthy smile well into adulthood. Ignoring issues or allowing bad habits to build up can lead to a lifetime of dental problems. If your family lives in or near Olathe, Kansas, the team at E-Care Dentistry can take care of your smiles. (more…)

Make 2019 The Best Year For Your Smile

Make 2019 The Best Year For Your SmileAre you a person that makes a New Year’s Resolution every year? If you do make them, do you stick to them? Whether or not you are a person who makes a formal resolution, there is no denying that the beginning of a new calendar year is a good time to make some changes. The upcoming year of 2019 is a great time to make the changes needed for your best year of oral health. The team at E-Care Dentistry in Olathe, KS is here to help you reach your smile goals.  (more…)

Home For The Holidays In Olathe, KS

Home For The Holidays In Olathe, KSOlathe, Kansas becomes a very special place during the holiday season with lots of festive community events to enjoy. We have gathered up a list of some of these events in the town and in nearby areas including OCTA’s Home for the Holidays. If you or your family is home for the holidays, use that winter break to catch up on your dental healthcare needs. The team at E-Care Dentistry is here to help you and your family have beautiful and healthy smiles all year long.  (more…)

Are Candy Canes Okay For My Teeth?

Are Candy Canes Okay For My Teeth?Candy canes are an iconic treat and decoration this time of year. However, it may be better to leave candy canes hanging on tree instead of eating them as a snack. Candy canes can be a problem for your smile’s health. They are hard, which if bitten down at the wrong place at the wrong time can lead to tooth breakage. Candy canes are also full of sugar. They may taste like toothpaste, but they can actually introduce a lot of troublesome elements into your smile. Sucking on a candy cane can leave a lot of sugar in your smile, which can increase your risks for gum disease and tooth decay. The team at E-Care Dentistry in Olathe, KS is here to answer your dental questions in order to keep your smile healthy.  (more…)

3 Big Reasons To Restore Your Tooth

3 Big Reasons To Restore Your ToothOnce you lose your baby teeth as a child, your permanent teeth come into your smile. Aside from your wisdom teeth that may come in at a later age, your adult teeth are set. No new ones will come in after them. If one gets broken or gets a cavity, it will not heal on its own. While your bones can heal and your skin can grow back in most situations, a damaged tooth will stay damaged unless your dentist helps. Your dentist can help to restore a tooth that has been compromised. Restoring a tooth is beneficial to your whole smile’s health. If you have a problematic tooth, the team at E-Care Dentistry in Olathe, Kansas can help you take care of it.  (more…)

Cold/Flu Season And Your Oral Health

Cold/Flu Season And Your Oral HealthThis time of year is beautiful in Olathe, Kansas with all of the lights and the snow. This time of year is also a time for sneezing, coughing, and germs. Catching a cold can be inconvenient. Getting the flu is not fun and in some extreme cases, can be life-threatening. While you may not associate cold and flu season with your oral health, one can affect another. The best thing you can do to protect yourself this season is to wash your hands often, stay home if you are sick, get a flu shot, drink plenty of water, and eat foods rich with vitamins and nutrients. Like with your oral health, prevention is your best friend.  (more…)

Olathe Tree Lighting And More

Olathe Tree Lighting And More December starts tomorrow and with that the holidays are certainly upon us. There are lots of wonderful things to do in and near Olathe, KS this weekend including Celebrate Olathe & the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting. December is also an important time of year for your dental needs. Be sure to use all of your 2018 insurance benefits before the year ends. You can also get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions for your smile.  (more…)

I Want My Teeth To Sparkle

I Want My Teeth To SparkleThis time of year is one filled with shine and sparkles. From the lights on the Christmas tree to the confetti thrown on New Year’s Eve, sparkle seems to be everywhere. This time of year, you might be wanting to make your smile sparkle, too. Twinkles® tooth jewelry can be one way to add a bit of glitz and glamour to your teeth. Whitening your teeth and other cosmetic options can also be a great way to update your smile for the holiday season. If you are looking for a way to prepare for holiday parties, brightening up your smile can be a great way. The team at E-Care Dentistry in Olathe, Kansas can help you choose the right path to a smile update.  (more…)

Gift Ideas For A Healthy Smile

Gift Ideas For A Healthy Smile For a lot of people, holiday gift shopping begins the day after Thanksgiving. With Christmas fast approaching and Hanukkah this weekend, there are plenty of gift-giving opportunities coming up. While you are shopping for your friends and family (and maybe yourself?), think about getting some gifts to benefit the smile. We have some ideas for some smile-friendly gifts that range from a higher end toothbrush to a stocking stuffer of floss to a whitening treatment for yourself. Your dental team in Olathe, Kansas is here to help you keep your smile healthy even during the holiday season.  (more…)

Preserving Your Healthy Tooth Structure During Cosmetic Work

The goal with cosmetic dental work is to make truly impressive changes, and to fully address issues that have made you self-conscious. One thing you want to avoid during cosmetic work is the unnecessary modification of healthy tooth structure. You can be excited to know that dental bonding and contouring work from your Olathe, KS dentist makes it possible to correct a range of problems, while limiting any modification of your dental material. Bonding work makes it possible to correct problems with the shape, size, and color of teeth. If you have a tooth that is too large, or uneven, then you can count on contouring work to carefully remove excess enamel, without impacting that tooth’s health or function. (more…)