When Are Porcelain Veneers Right For My Smile?

When Are Porcelain Veneers Right For My Smile?Some cosmetic issues with your smile may give you a sense of individuality. Perhaps you have a small gap in your front teeth that makes your smile feel unique to you. If your smile is healthy and it makes you feel confident, you already have a perfect smile. If your smile makes you feel self-conscious or if you ever find yourself smiling with your mouth closed or you try to cover your smile when you talk or laugh, your smile may need an upgrade. Porcelain veneers can help give you a smile that will make you feel confident and secure. When do you know when porcelain veneers are right for your smile? (more…)

Activities Around Olathe

Activities Around Olathe Olathe, KS, is a vibrant community with plenty of activities for people and families to do. We love getting to serve such a great town. We have gathered up some of the upcoming activities going on this weekend and beyond in Olathe.  (more…)

Caring For A Smile With Dentures

caring for a smile with denturesThere is a common misconception that dentures are only for the elderly. While many older people do wear the dentures, they can be appropriate and restorative for anyone at any age who has experienced extensive dental loss. Dentures can be customized to suit your smile’s needs. You may need a full set for a full-smile restoration or just partial dentures to replace specific sections of teeth; you may need dentures supported by implants. Dental implants can help prevent bone loss in your jaw that is often associated with tooth loss. If you have dentures or are considering dentures, it is important that you know how best to care for them.  (more…)

Is A Dental Bridge Right For My Smile?

Is A Dental Bridge Right For My Smile?Wisdom teeth extractions or tooth loss as a child do not need to be replaced, however most other instances of adult tooth loss should be followed by replacement. Losing a tooth as an adult leads to effects on your appearance, abilities to speak, bite, and chew, problems for your other teeth, and potential bone loss in your jaw. Replacing a tooth can minimize these negative effects. When is a dental bridge the right replacement option? (more…)

Why Are Dental Implants Important?

Why Are Dental Implants Important?Losing a tooth when you are an adult is a much different experience than losing a tooth as a child. A missing tooth can make a big difference in your appearance. It can also affect your abilities to chew, bite, and speak. Losing a tooth can also lead to a loss of bone density in the jawbone that supports your teeth. A loss of bone density can weaken your jaw, which endangers your remaining natural teeth in your mouth and any replacement teeth. Dental implants can provide much needed support to restore your smile and help defend against potential bone loss in your jaw.  (more…)

Smile Issues Addressed By Bonding/Contouring

Smile Issues Addressed By Bonding/ContouringIf something about your smile is unhealthy or if it makes you feel insecure about the appearance, you may want to correct the issue with cosmetic dentistry. Bonding and contouring can be a straightforward ways to update your smile. Cosmetic bonding uses the same material used in tooth-colored fillings, a composite resin, to permanently enhance your tooth. The bonding material is applied, sculpted, hardened, and polished to give you your desired appearance. Conversely, contouring your tooth involves removing any parts of your teeth that may cause unevenness or jagged edges. Both treatments are conservative, which mean the goal is to keep the integrity of your tooth intact.  (more…)

Snow-Themed Community Events

Snow-Themed Community EventsWinter can be interesting when the holiday events are over. There are still a few months left of cold and snow in the area before Spring comes back, but the songs about snowmen went away with Christmas. In the cities around Olathe, KS, there are plenty of events revolving around snow that you and your family can enjoy. We have even included a few ideas for when you are not afraid of cabin fever and just want to stay indoors where it is warm. E-Care dentistry is proud to serve Olathe, KS, and the surrounding communities.  (more…)

Get A Brighter Smile For The New Year

Get A Brighter Smile For The New YearA dull or yellow smile can make you feel less confident. You should feel confident about your smile in pictures, in your conversations with other people, and when you are talking or laughing. A brighter smile can make you feel confident and can even make you look a little younger. If you have set-in stains from life or from habits like drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes, whitening your teeth can help to remove those stains. Whitening your teeth can make a big difference in your smile’s appearance. Your dentist can help you in situations when a whitening treatment may not be enough to address your smile’s needs. (more…)

Ways To Protect Children’s Smiles

Ways To Protect Children's SmilesPrevention is an essential part of kids keeping a healthy smile. Good oral hygiene habits developed at a young age can protect smiles. Brushing and flossing at home and visiting your dentist at least twice a year are both critical components to good oral hygiene. Options such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments can also play a preventative and protective role for your children’s smiles. Helping kids learn to eat and drink mindfully can also play an important role in protecting smiles.  (more…)