Finding A Solution For Sleep Apnea

Finding A Solution For Sleep ApneaObstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a serious health condition and sleep disorder. It occurs when the soft tissues of the mouth and throat block the airway causing a repetitive stopping or slowing of breathing. This can happen hundreds of times during the night, which leads to poor quality sleep, drowsiness, headaches, etc. The effects of nightly breathing disruptions can be very dangerous on your body. Because the disruptions affect the amount of oxygen in the blood, your body will try to overcompensate creating high blood pressure. The risks of untreated sleep apnea include stroke and heart disease and many more serious health conditions. Treating sleep apnea in Olathe, KS can come in a variety of treatment options depending on your specific needs and situation.  (more…)

Snow In July And Other Fun

Snow In July And Other FunSummer is going by so quickly. Before we know it, autumn will be here and the air will feel a little bit crisper. Until then, the sunshine is out and the warmth is around us for summer. There are lots of fun activities to do with the family while the kids are out of school. Each weekend is filled with opportunities for bonding and fun; this weekend is no different. E-Care Dentistry in Olathe, Kansas is very proud to be a part of this wonderful community and serve the smiles of the families that live here.  (more…)

My Smile’s Appearance Makes Me Insecure

My Smile's Appearance Makes Me InsecureThere have been several scientific studies that show that the act of smiling can boost your mood. Smiling can make you feel more happy and confident, which can spread to the rest of your life. On the flip side, if you are insecure about your smile, you may smile less frequently. Not only are you potentially missing out on the mood-elevating benefits, but it can also make you less inclined to speak up or laugh. Feeling insecure about your smile’s appearance can make you miss out on a lot of great moments in your life. Addressing your smile’s appearance can help you to regain confidence. Talk to your dentist in Olathe, Kansas about the ways your smile.  (more…)

Recover From Tooth Loss With A Dental Bridge

Recover From Tooth Loss With A Dental BridgeTooth loss as an adult can be somewhat of a traumatizing experience. Depending on if the tooth loss is in a visible part of your smile or not can all play into how much it may affect your feelings and confidence. A missing tooth in a visible part of your smile can lead to embarrassing questions or a loss of self-esteem. A missing tooth in the back of your smile may not affect the way you see yourself in the mirror or how other people see you, but it can quite negatively affect your smile’s health. A restorative prosthetic option like a dental bridge can help you to recover quickly from tooth loss. Your dentist in Olathe, Kansas can walk you through your restorative options and why one can be so important for your smile’s recovery.  (more…)

Fun Things To Do Around Town

Fun Things To Do Around TownMemorial Day and 4th of July for 2018 are finished. Now we have the rest of the summer left before we hit another holiday. This long stretch of time can feel a little boring, but have no fear, there are still plenty of fun things to do in and around Olathe, Kansas. Do you know what else the summertime is great for? Visiting the dentist. Exams and cleanings are easy to schedule when there is less going on in your life. With school out and vacations abound, make time to keep your smile healthy.  (more…)

I Chipped My Tooth. Now What?

I Chipped My Tooth. Now What?Accidents and injuries can seemingly come out of nowhere. One minute you are watching a movie eating popcorn, and the next minute, you are in a whirlwind of panic because you have chipped a tooth. Tooth damage, especially a chipped tooth in the front of your smile, can feel like a disaster. The good news, however, is that there are ways to deal with tooth damage. In more severe situations, restorative treatments may be required to restore your smile’s health and appearance. In many situations though, some form of cosmetic dental treatment will be enough to get your smile back to usual. Your dentist in Olathe, KS, is prepared to help you face a chipped tooth or any kind of tooth damage you may need to deal with.  (more…)

Tips For Smile Health Even While On Vacation

Tips For Smile Health Even While On VacationOlathe, Kansas is a wonderful town, but sometimes a family just needs to see some new landscape. Summer vacations may mean loading the family in the car for a short road trip to a nearby destination, maybe a trip farther away in a plane, or maybe just the parents getaway. Whatever type of vacation (or even business trip) you go on, it is important to remember that you still have to take care of your oral health. Harmful oral bacteria never takes a break, which means when it comes to your oral health, you can’t either.  (more…)

I’m An Adult But My Tooth Feels Loose!

I'm An Adult But My Tooth Feels Loose!Most everybody remembers what it feels like to have a loose tooth when you were a kid. Even if it was a little scary the first time, it was expected. Children can even get excited when they feel a loose tooth because it often means a visit from the tooth fairy (who might bring some money). However, when you are an adult that feels a loose tooth – it can set forth feelings of dread and despair. Adults only have one set of teeth, which means your body won’t replace a tooth that falls out. You may be even more scared about what is causing your tooth to be loose? Whatever is going on, it is important not to panic. Your dentist in Olathe, KS, can be an excellent place to turn when something awry is going on with your smile. If your tooth currently feels loose, set an appointment to see your dentist. If you are just curious about why an adult may have a loose tooth, we have listed some possible reasons below.  (more…)

Are You Afraid Of Going To The Dentist?

Are You Afraid Of Going To The Dentist?Millions of Americans have a legitimate fear or phobia about visiting the dentist. Which means that if you share this fear, you are not alone. Even in Olathe, KS, there are probably lots of folks that feel the same way. While the fear may be common, it can be dangerous to your smile when not overcome. Routine dental care is essential to your smile’s health. If you are avoiding it out of fear or anxiety, you could be leaving your smile in danger of issues you may not be able to avoid. We have a few tips that may help you to overcome being afraid of going to the dentist.  (more…)

What to Do if Your Jawbone Is Too Weak for Implants

For patients who’ve experienced tooth loss, dental implants can offer a comprehensive way to preserve their oral health while also restoring their smile’s youthful, vibrant appearance. The good news is that most tooth loss patients make good candidates for dental implant placement, which involves placing an appropriate number of implant posts in the upper and/or lower jawbone. However, if it’s been awhile since you’ve lost teeth, or if you exhibit severe periodontal disease, then your jawbone may not have enough mass and density left to support the implant posts. (more…)