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Prosthodontist Referral: Why Me?

When most people think “smile care” they think “dentist.” This is just what we love to hear, but you might not know that there are specialties in the dental field, each with their own names and areas of expertise. If you have been referred to a prosthodontist in Olathe, KS, then most likely you are… Read more »

Is A Dental Bridge Right For My Smile?

Wisdom teeth extractions or tooth loss as a child do not need to be replaced, however most other instances of adult tooth loss should be followed by replacement. Losing a tooth as an adult leads to effects on your appearance, abilities to speak, bite, and chew, problems for your other teeth, and potential bone loss… Read more »

Will A Bridge Replace My Missing Tooth?

Missing a tooth as an adult is typically the result of some sort of negative event, such as severe tooth decay leading to a necessary extraction or a extreme damage. Unlike wisdom teeth extractions or tooth loss as a child, most adult teeth need to be replaced. A missing tooth as an adult leads to… Read more »