Checkups And Cleanings Keep Your Smile Healthy

When it comes to protecting your smile and the health of your mouth, prevention is the most important piece of the puzzle. Many major dental issues can be prevented by routine checkups and cleanings. Routine visits mean the recommended twice a year or once every six months. This frequency allows for your dentist to treat any potential problems and spot issues before they get worse. Professional cleanings allow for the buildup of bacteria to be removed from your mouth. Routine checkups and cleanings are an integral part of keeping your smile healthy.  (more…)

What Causes A Toothache?

No one enjoys a toothache, but nearly all of us develop one at some point. They may be the result of a sinus infection or even changes in air pressure, such as when taking a flight. However, they are often linked to serious oral health concerns, ones that can endanger the stability of your smile over time. What causes a toothache and when should you seek treatment?


The Importance Of Dental Implants

Losing a tooth as an adult can make a big difference on your smile’s appearance. Losing a tooth can also take a toll on your abilities to chew, bite, and even speak. Did you know that a missing tooth can also lead to a loss of bone density in the jawbone supporting your teeth? This loss of bone density can weaken your jaw, which can endanger the remaining natural teeth in your mouth and even any replacement prosthetic teeth. A dental implant can provide the much needed support to restore your smile and it’s abilities. More importantly a dental implant can help defend against potential bone loss in your jaw.  (more…)

A Filling Can Save Your Tooth

Despite our efforts to maintain our best oral health, cavities can still happen. Tooth decay and cavities can be caused for reasons other than a lax in oral hygiene and sugary snacks. Teeth grinding and a misalignment of teeth can increase the risk of developing cavities. Even genetics can cause a person to be more susceptible to tooth decay than another. No matter the reason that a cavity happens, it is very important for it to be treated. A filling is can treat a cavity and stop it from worsening. If a cavity is not treated, it can lead to serious infection, which may need more involved treatment or it may require a dental extraction.  (more…)

Can You Fix My Chipped Tooth?

The simple answer is yes, your dentist can fix your chipped tooth. The question of how your chipped tooth will be fixed depends on how severity of the chip. Your dentist can both restore the appearance of your tooth as well as the function. A chipped tooth can be vulnerable to further damage, so it is important for it to be protected. Fixing a chipped tooth protects it against the dangers of that potential damage. Depending on your needs, your dentist may use a variety of options to repair your chipped tooth: bonding, porcelain veneers, or a dental crown may all be used.  (more…)

FAQs About Dental Implants

The loss of an adult tooth can lead to a loss in your ability to bite and chew. It can affect your speech. Tooth loss can even lead to a loss of bone density in your jaw. Dental implants are small, bio-compatible titanium posts that are inserted into your bone to support a restorative replacement, such as dental crown, dental bridge, or denture. The implant provides stability for the replacement like your roots provide stability for your natural teeth. In addition to providing support, implants also help preserve the integrity of your jawbone structure that supports the rest of your teeth. (more…)

How Do I Brighten My Smile?

A dull, yellow smile can be distracting when you look in the mirror. It may make you feel less confident in pictures, conversations with other people, or even feel self-conscious about laughing. Your smile should make you feel confident. One of the fastest and easiest changes you can make to the appearance of your smile is to the color of your teeth. If you have stains set in from lifestyle habits like drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes, whitening your teeth can remove the stains. Even if your teeth are just dull from age or from years without a good cleaning, a whitening treatment can make a big difference.  (more…)

Try Our Porcelain Veneer Quiz

Cosmetic flaws in your smile are only flaws if and when they make you feel insecure. If you have imperfections like a large gap, chips, cracks, deep intrinsic discoloration from within the tooth, uneven teeth, or teeth that are differently shaped or sized that make you feel less confident about your smile, then porcelain veneers may be the solution for you. Porcelain veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry that can solve many different cosmetic issues at once which can give you the smile of your dreams. Try our porcelain veneer quiz to see how much you know about this cosmetic option:  (more…)